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Steve has been producing and publishing content since 2009. He is very passionate about some issues and appreciates it when readers take the time to review and comment on it. Originally from the Caribbean islands, he currently lives and shares his opinions from North America.

Despite Warnings, Codeine Still Prescribed To Children In ER

I realize that there are instances when pain medication has to be dispensed, these instances should probably be reserved to terminal patients. Society is already way too dependent on pain medications, but if we are starting them off at an early age, we should not be surprised when these kids end up addicted in a drain somewhere.

A new report says between 2001 and 2010 children visiting the emergency room were prescribed codeine 500,000-900,000 times per year.

Is North Korea Planning Nuclear Test #4?

I firmly believe that the people of North Korea, as in Iran must be happy with the way things are going in their respective, or at the very least, they are prepared to accept it. Most of the complaints coming from those two countries are coming from neighboring countries. Maybe we should just let them handle their own affairs.

South Korean officials say North Korea is preparing to conduct another nuclear test, but is Pyongyang just bluffing this time?

15 Customs You Really Shouldn’t Break In Other Countries

Considering the fact that I moved from a different country to live where I am today, there is a lot to be said about distinctive cultures. Who are we to say which ones make more sense, or why a particular custom shouldn’t be eliminated altogether? It is our differences that give us the incentive to meet new people.

Don’t honk in New Zealand, no matter how many sheep are in your way.

5 Life-Changing Gmail Hacks In Two Minutes

After America Online realized that they could not monopolize the market and take advantage of Internet users, many of them turned to Yahoo as an option for their email service. Personally, I have found Google to be the better choice for emails, and the fact that many of the activities on the Internet require a Gmail account is just an added advantage.

These hacks will save your life. Or at least your job.

Are Captains Required To Go Down With Their Ships?

After hearing about recent incidents where captains were being arrested for not allowing themselves to be swallowed into a swell of water, I can only imagine what people are thinking. Are they really supposed to go down with the ship? I am not sure that they are, but any captain who believes that he should be the first one off, well let’s just say he should be ashamed of himself.

“The captain goes down with the ship” is a long standing tradition for some countries. But what happens when a captain breaks from that tradition?

Where’d The Bunny Come From? Easter Explained

When a child asks you about the significance of a bunny and Easter, what do you tell them? Anyone who considers themselves to be Christians and promote bunnies, eggs and candy instead of thanking God for sending His only Son to give us a second chance is seriously affecting their own future, and I am not talking about here on earth either.

Yes, Easter is fun, and the candy and the bunny are all great. But what does any of it have to do with this Christian holiday? Newsy Explains.